Why You Should Invest in Your Student With Top Flight Tutor...

At Top Flight Tutor, our experienced Florida-certified teachers believe that every student can learn and succeed. Top Flight Tutor believes in tutoring the whole student and, therefore, cares about the well-being of the student academically as well as emotionally. Although academic challenges are part of the tutoring process, we strive to encourage and coach our students with our strong academic program, positive reinforcement, and kindness to help them reach their full potential.

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Skill-building & Test Preparation In Mathematics and English Language Arts

MATHEMATICS (Grades 3-12 and GED)
  • Basic mathematics
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • GED Math
  • SAT Prep
LANGUAGE ARTS (Grades 3-12; GED; College)
  • Grammar
  • Literature
  • Writing process including proofreading and editing
  • GED English/Writing
  • SAT Prep

Banishing Test Anxiety Workshops

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We are within close proximity of the following schools where you will have NO TRAVEL COST:

Additionally, we service other cities in Lake, Orange and Seminole Counties, some at no travel cost! Check with us regarding the travel cost, if any, to your city!

Whether students are in school (public, private, charter, college) or are being home-schooled, Top Flight Tutor collaborates with students and their families to provide a supportive team to facilitate learning in Mathematics and English Language Arts.